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A Masterclass with Cumley St. Claire:
Freeing the Florist Within

Cumley St. Claire - world-renowned florist was on the 18th-21st of August for Camden Fringe at The Hen and Chickens Theatre.

Meet Cumley St. Claire, the nation’s most notorious florist. Known for their experimental blooms and outrageous personality, not to mention that time they elbowed Mary Berry into a canal, Cumley quickly earned their reputation as one of the most disruptive voices in floristry.


In their landmark, first ever class they will reveal all of their secrets. Join the studio audience for the filming of this watershed moment in floristry... and join Cumley as they reveal the florist behind the flowers.

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but don't just take our word for it, reviewers also loved the show:

view from the outside:

"It is a must watch for those who like their comedy anarchic, mildly obscene, and brimming with tragedy."

Dress Circle Reviews:

"For an hour of comedy you won’t be disappointed."


"The production company Salt Circle said they “intend to create safe comedy spaces where queerness is celebrated, and where it isn’t the character’s only storyline” they are achieving that and it will be great to see how they develop."


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